Create your first Plugin in 3 minutes Sticky

In this tutorial we are going to make a very simple basic WordPress plugin. To do so we have to go to our WP installation folder, to the folder “wp-content”. Underneath to the folder “plugins” and within this folder we are going to make our plugin folder, which in this case is called “some-basic-plugin”. Underneath 

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WPRun – WordPress development in OOP

WPRun simplifies WordPress development in OOP with just ONE simple base class! Why WPRun? Simplify creating your own WP components. WPRun provides a simple base class that makes it easy to develop in WordPress with OOP, like: adding action and filter methods setting callback methods using templates Extending WPRun will help you to structure your 

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WP External Links Plugin – SEO

Open external links in a new tab / window, add “nofollow”, “noopener” and font icons, SEO and more. Also for internal links. Configure settings for all internal and external links on your site. === NEW: Version 2 === WPEL plugin was completely rebuilt and has lots of new features, like “noopener”, font icons, internal links 

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