WordPress Tip: Use Closures for WP Actions and Filters Sticky

In this tutorial I will show you an alternative way to add functionality to action and filter hooks by using PHP closures, also called anonymous functions. Normal way with global function Normally we have to create a global function, for example “demo_plugin_show_notice”. Then we add this function to an action, in this case “admin_notices”. When 

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WPRun – WordPress development in OOP

WPRun simplifies WordPress development in OOP with just ONE simple base class! Why WPRun? Simplify creating your own WP components. WPRun provides a simple base class that makes it easy to develop in WordPress with OOP, like: adding action and filter methods setting callback methods using templates Extending WPRun will help you to structure your 

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WP External Links Plugin – SEO

Open external links in a new tab / window, add “nofollow”, “noopener” and font icons, SEO and more. Also for internal links. Configure settings for all internal and external links on your site. === NEW: Version 2 === WPEL plugin was completely rebuilt and has lots of new features, like “noopener”, font icons, internal links 

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